As new technologies rapidly emerge, the complexity of your IT systems and their maintenance increases exponentially. Even cloud environments in Azure and AWS require significant oversight to optimize their efficiency. CorSource’s Managed Services generate consistent results in cost reduction and productivity improvement on a proven scale:

  • 62% cost reduction in cloud maintenance
  • 36% cost reduction in R&D
  • 200% productivity increase with only 30% cost increase
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Focused primarily on three crucial areas for businesses today, our Managed Services offerings include multiple solutions:

  • Patching and maintenance
  • Bug fixes and escalations
  • Security monitoring and remediations

Our expert Managed Services team can augment your own IT department, relieving your staff of their most mundane tasks and providing them 24/7 support. Or you can fully outsource the oversight of your core systems to our Managed Services team and let us handle all of your IT needs.

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